Dolce Salon and Day Spa

Dolce dol·ce /ˈdōlCHā/ adjective or adverb meaning sweet or soft.

When you get home after a long day, walk through the front door and see those smiling faces of the ones you love, the finest form of bliss takes you over. You’re home. You’re happy. You’re relaxed.

As you walk into Dolce, you’ll be greeted by the soft, gracious smile of Cammie as she offers you something to drink. Looking around you might see Jack’s serious, but in the end silly grin or the cheerfully vibrant look in Morna’s eyes. Flicka’s coy, motherly laugh can brighten a room and Kelsey’s playful smile is full of life.

Here at Dolce, we want you to feel like you are a part of our family. We have 11 remarkable staff members who are dedicated in making you feel as comfortable and blissful as ever by providing you with excellent service in our warm and welcoming atmosphere. We know that every moment you spend in our little sanctuary, you will get the sweet sensation of complete relaxation.

Love, Dolce.